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Science 1985, Birlik Endustriyel is a solution partner for companies from various sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals to automotive, in the scope of stainless steel clean room equipment and conveyor system productions from the past to today.

With the increasing demand for clean rooms for the development of stringent legal regulations, technological developments and quality products, our company produces fast solutions to the needs. One of the key product Air Showers are designed to limit air pollution and thus help maintain levels of cleanliness according to legal standards. In addition, Air Showers minimize the entry of contaminants into the space. The particles that are eliminated by the Air Shower do not accumulate on the surface of the cleaner and thus provide cleaning.

Our mission is to carry our success rate in the domestic market to overseas markets.

Birlik Endüstriyel Makina
Tuzla Mahallesi 1257. Sokak İsmail Durmaz Apt. No: 7 Adapazarı / Sakarya
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