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Birlik Machine Industry has been displaying activity science 1985 in Sakarya/Turkey and being solution partner of international companies.

Our company has inter-sectoral operations such as food, chemical, manufacturing, automotive, ceramic and pharmaceutical in the scope of cleanroom equipments, energy recycling and conveying system productions.

One of the most demandingcleanroomproduct the Air Shower is a very universal use device for partial purifying which is installed in the walls between the clean room and the unclean room. Air Shower is being assessed unopposed return mostly for the reason ofcustomized production possibilityand many years of experience.

There to Birlik Makina has being found on the internal and external markets with specialist staff and international quality certificates.
Birlik Endüstriyel Makina
Adress : Çark Sanayi Site İstiklal Quarter 404 Street No:6 / Serdivan / Sakarya / Türkiye
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